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Let's change how we identify, hire and retain people to improve patient and business outcomes. The future of the healthcare workforce is here today.

Build a Better Workforce with Predictive Analytics

Arena Analytics empowers you with powerful data and insights to find the right person for every position at your hospital. Our platform isn’t simply another assessment tool. We deliver an objective, unbiased prediction about who will thrive in your organization—helping team leaders make smarter, faster hiring decisions that have long-term impacts on retention, patient care, and business outcomes.

Cut Turnover + Costs

With Arena, not only can you confidently predict which candidates will stay in each role before they are hired, you can eliminate churn and tame the biggest cost driver for acute care: premium labor.

Hire More Efficiently

You need more than just a tool. You need a complete solution. We not only help you zero in on immediate opportunities, we enable you to drive outcomes fast, with zero tax on your IT systems.

Build Stronger Teams

Stronger teams result in lower turnover, increased stability, and improved patient care. With data-driven insights, you’re empowered to build and sustain teams of engaged employees who are satisfied with their work and in it for the long haul.

An End-To-End Hiring Solution

By harnessing the power of predictive analytics, Arena enables hospitals to optimize the entire hiring process, from sourcing candidates through mobilizing existing talent within your organization.

Talent Discovery

Expand your talent pool and bring new candidates to hard to fill positions.

Retention Prediction

Retain staff, eliminate churn, and drastically reduce turnover costs.

Bias Mitigation

Reduce bias in the hiring process and build a stable, equitable workforce that more closely matches the demographics of the community you serve.

Talent Mobility

Mobilize your existing talent and empower employees to grow with you.

Thank you for working out a miracle! We appreciate having a path forward with the Arena team. Arena doesn’t feel like a vendor, they feel like a partner.

Edlyn Aldridge

Kettering Health

Cut Turnover and Stabilize Your Workforce

Discover how a hospital worked with Arena Analytics when they needed to curb rising staff turnover.

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Healthcare’s New Tipping Point: Sustained Operational Excellence and Retention Without Bias

Discover what happens when high turnover and low retention remains unaddressed, and the technologies that are transforming how you hire, retain and promote people predicted to thrive in your workplace.

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