Expand Your
Talent Pool

Arena’s Talent Discovery solution brings new candidates to hard-to-fill positions

Delivering Quality, Retainable Candidates

Backed by the groundbreaking Arena Analytics Retention Prediction, Talent Discovery finds and delivers quality candidates who are predicted to stay in your organization, and actively engages past applicants.

To help expand your talent pool, the Talent Discovery solution includes:

  • Professional recruitment marketing at scale

  • Delivery of engaged, ready-to-interview candidates

  • Best hiring practices advisory consultation

Rediscover Talent
in Your System

With Talent ReDiscovery, we mine your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to identify previously unhired candidates, match them to the jobs where they will stay, and nurture them to apply to your hard-to-fill roles.

Arena Talent ReDiscovery helps organizations:

Re-engage applicants you already know

Re-engage applicants who already know your organization

Save money on sourcing new applicants

“We are grateful for and value the additional applicant flow Talent Discovery brings to our communities.”

Brittany Balouris

Director of Team Member Experience and Engagement