Arena Analytics CMO Solange Jacobs Appointed to San Diego Commission on the Status of Women

Sep 21, 2022

Accomplished Marketing Executive Will Advise San Diego Mayor on Strategies to Alleviate Inequities Confronting Women in Social, Economic, and Vocational Pursuits

San Diego, California–September 20, 2022– Arena Analytics, a company that helps people and organizations chart the future of work using sophisticated AI and data analytics, today announced that the company’s Chief Marketing Officer Solange Jacobs has been appointed to the  City of San Diego’s Commission on the Status of Women. Ms. Jacobs, along with the other distinguished members of the commission, was appointed by Mayor Todd Gloria and confirmed  to her position today by the San Diego City Council.

Members of the commission serve two consecutive two year terms and are charged with a number of duties, including: finding new ways of promoting awareness of the changing life patterns, opportunities and responsibilities of women today; investigating problems and recommending programs which will provide women in the San Diego area a greater opportunity and ability to pursue alternative life styles without discrimination; advising the Mayor and Council of the needs and problems of the women in the San Diego area; suggesting to the Mayor and Council methods through which any existing inequities in pay and job opportunities between men and women can be alleviated; and performing other studies and surveys on the status of women as may be specifically requested by the Mayor.

“I am honored to be asked to serve on the the City’s Commission on the Status of Women,” said Ms. Jacobs. “I look forward to working with Mayor Gloria and my amazing fellow commissioners to help even the playing field for women by addressing the systemic barriers that stand in the way of true equity. I share the commission’s goal of creating a fair, just, and accessible pathway to opportunity for women in San Diego and beyond.”

Ms. Jacobs is a marketing executive with more than two decades of experience leading product marketing, corporate communications, and brand marketing initiatives for technology companies. Born and raised in South Africa, Ms. Jacobs loves travel, food, art, yoga, and reading. She holds an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and completed an Executive MBA program in 2021.

“We welcome the many talents and passions that Ms. Jacobs brings to the commission, and we  know that her diverse perspective as a professional woman of color with roots in apartheid era South Africa will be valued by many here in San Diego,” said Chida Warren-Darby, Director of Appointments/Boards and Commissions for San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria.

“I can think of no better person to serve on a committee dedicated to creating positive change and increasing opportunities for women,” said Myra Norton, President and CEO of Arena Analytics. “The same passion, intelligence, dedication, and unparalleled work ethic that Solange brings to Arena Analytics every day in service of our mission of  driving long-term, structural change in the workforce will no doubt be put to valuable use in this innovative public/private partnership.”

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