Arena Analytics Forms Ethics Advisory Board to Help Guide the Development of Ethical and Responsible AI Solutions

Sep 15, 2022

Diverse Board Will Advise Company on Product Strategy, Launches Content Series on Barriers to Employment

Baltimore, Maryland–September 15, 2022–Arena Analytics, a company that helps people and organizations chart the future of work using sophisticated AI and data analytics, today announced the formation of the Arena Ethics Advisory Board, a collection of distinguished industry experts, academics, and thought leaders who provide guidance and direction to help the company act ethically and responsibly in the development and deployment of its products. 

The board meets on a quarterly basis with the goal of providing actionable insights to Arena Analytics in order to help establish and operationalize best practices around AI and machine learning solutions. The board has also launched a content project that examines barriers to employment in today’s workforce, the first of which can be found here.

The Arena Ethics Advisory Board is led by John Sumser, the principal analyst for HR Examiner, an independent analyst firm covering HR technology and the intersection of people, technology, and work. Sumser’s mix of experience over his career gives him a broad and unique perspective on the industry and the question of ethics in HR technology specifically. 

“You can’t have a serious discussion about the “ethics” of any technological solution without examining the biases of its human creators and structural inequities that influence the design as well as output of these systems,” said Sumser. “We have assembled a broad array of both expertise and lived experience, enabling us to bring multiple perspectives to bear on the evolving questions of ethics in AI and related technologies.” 

Driven by the fundamental belief that talent is equally distributed while opportunity is not, the Arena Analytics platform enables organizations to identify candidates who are often overlooked in the traditional hiring workflow.  By offering an entirely new lens through which to view talent, Arena solutions provide people with more equitable access to economic mobility, professional, and personal growth while at the same time increasing productivity and stability for employers.

Myra Norton, Arena Analytics CEO and President, added: “Our vision of driving long-term change in the workforce by eliminating barriers to opportunity and success for individuals and organizations alike requires a rigorous attention to ethics and fundamental fairness. We are deeply committed to identifying and examining the thorny ethical issues at play in our space, and we are extremely grateful to all our talented board members for their help toward that end.”

In addition to Mr. Sumser, the board includes:

  • Kate Bishoff, Attorney & HR Consultant, k8bish LLC

  • Cheryl Boyer, HR/Diversity Executive, Berkshire

  • Meredith Broussard, Researcher, Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University

  • Jill Finlayson, Director, Expanding Diversity and Gender in Tech, University of California, Berkeley

  • Anne Hill, radio host, speaker, and consultant, Dream Talk Radio

  • Jamar Johnson-Thompson, VP of People Technology, Avalara

  • Katrina Kibben, CEO and Founder, Three Ears Media

  • Michael Krupa, HR Technology Leader

  • Stela Lupushor, Founder and Chief Reframer, Reframe.Work Inc

  • Victorio Milian, Senior Consultant, Humareso

  • Joey Price, CEO, Jumpstart:HR

  • Tamara Rasberry, Owner, Rasberry Consulting, LLC

  • Richard Rosenow, Director of People Analytics and Automation, Argo

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Arena Analytics helps people and companies chart the future of work using sophisticated AI and predictive analytics. We empower employers to make unbiased hiring decisions, resulting in higher-quality talent discovery, increased retention, greater workforce stability, better business outcomes, and more equitable workplaces. At the same time, we help candidates find opportunities where they are most likely to find success, stability, and satisfaction. Driven by the belief that talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not, Arena Analytics aims to rewire the labor market to become more fair, just, productive, and equitable for everyone.  For more information on Arena Analytics, visit